This straight cut midi dress Ruth, is made in pure linen lets you glide comfortably on a breezy summer morning. A long concealed zip at the back keeps the outfit together and the pockets on the side are for that extra snug space for your little keep-sakes. To accentuate, wear mother of pearls strung on a jute string and let the world be in awe of you.

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Sizes (measurement in cms) S M L XL
1/2 Chest 48 50 52 54
1/2 Bottom 57 59 61 63
Hips 54 56 58 60
Back Length 92 94 96 98


Caring for your Linen

Linen is relatively easy to take care of since it resists dirt and stains. It can be dry cleaned, machine washed or hand washed. Finished linen products respond to β€œtender loving care β€œ use pure soap or gentle detergent in soft water when laundering linen. Chlorine bleach should be avoided as it can cause yellowing, its best to use oxygen type bleach. Avoided wringing out linen before drying. To retain whiteness dry in sun. Iron when linen is damp iron on the wrong side then right to bring out the sheen.
The beauty of linen lies in its unique quality to CRUSH that gives it its exclusive character and elegance. The natural shine in it gives it that extra touch of glamor.

The Story of Linen

Linen is one of the earliest products known to civilization. Flax from which linen is made is one of the oldest agricultural plants in the world.
Over 5000 years ago the Egyptian named it the “woven moonlight” Linen is the most ancient vegetable fabric known to man. Flax is the raw material of linen. Today flax is a prestigious, expensive fiber and only produced in small quantities. Linen fabric has a high natural luster and their natural color ranges between shades of ivory, tan or gray. It’s highly absorbent and will remove perspiration from the skin. Perfect for a hot, humid and dry weather. Linen is a natural product the more it is washed the softer and luminous it becomes. Freshly washed linen has a natural fragrance and gives a sense of well-being.

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