Our Story

Behind every great venture is an amazing story of someone who has the courage to see the world differently and carries within the heart a spark of innovation.

Passionate about her travel to exotic locations, Shabnam Oberoi was exploring Capri, a small island in Italy’s Bay of Naples. This place has a unique and elegant lifestyle influenced by the Ancient Roman Republic as well as the Naples. Roaming the streets across Via Camerelle, she noticed the subtle and effortless yet stylish sense of dressing. The beauty and the fine craftsmanship of the linen garments were truly mesmerizing.

Deeply moved by dressing sense of the chic stylish women of Italy, Shabnam determined to bring the magic and the beauty to India. To take it a step further, she coupled the powerful aesthetics of the jewelry comprising of wooden and ceramic beads on jute and cotton threads with pure natural linen garments. She knew Indian women with their beautiful color, dark hair and exotic features could carry off her linen garments and pieces of rustic jewelry she calls the “String of Love”.

She wanted to introduce the natural fibers of linen, which complement the hot and humid summers here in India perfectly. It is indeed a new way of life full of purity and serenity and redefines luxury with a hint of sophistication.

Shabnam’s efforts also further the cause of using environmentally friendly, biodegradable and natural fabric for clothing. The entire process has been designed such that it is not only sustainable but minimizes waste. With the undying sentiment of providing long-lasting comfort and style, the clothes are organic and let you feel closer to mother nature.

We, at Little Capri Island Wear, strive to bring the style and beauty of Capri to you. Our offerings are carefully designed to give you a transcendent feeling of utmost comfort and an unparalleled choice of colors and styles. It is the result of a dream and unwavering passion to make a statement of elegance and sophistication.