Linen is something which we have grown up with and has been around for a while now. It has impacted us in dozen different ways, day in and day out. Since ancient history, it has contributed greatly to the preservation of ancient treasures. The fiber itself holds a lot of significance while in the phase of its cultivation. From the process of separating seeds from spinning into yarn to weaving into fabric, every stage holds its own significance. This natural fiber is stronger and lasts longer than any other artificial material you find in this era. Let’s take you all on a linen-some ride to know it better!!


A trust-worthy fiber to rely on: Linen is 30% stronger than cotton, making it durable for several decades. It is a structurally sound fabric with natural hypoallergenic property which makes it even more reliable over other artificially made fabric. So, when next time when you get itchy back, you will know it’s time to change your wardrobe.

Eco-friendly recyclable material: It’s 100% biodegradable property comes handy since the fiber is an extraction from the flax plant. Buying even a small product made of linen makes the environment a little greener and you a proud sustainer of the environment. Every little action counts!!


Good moisture absorbency: Linen is a highly breathable fiber with a low thread count which makes it lose yarn clothing. You will be surprised to know, unlike any other fiber it soaks up to 20% moisture before feeling damp. It has got temperature regulator property which acts as a natural insulator for the skin in summers. What else are you waiting for, go for it!!



Look young, feel younger: Green fiber like linen is good for human skin as it renders anti-wrinkling property. Its anti-bacterial property along with it being anti-static helps to repel dirt makes it the most coveted fabric to go for, this summer. Wear it with pride and make a fashion statement this summer, leaving the fabric to take care of you.

Luxurious on the outside, the environmentalist at heart: Linen as a fabric has known to be a status symbol and given the fiber has an extensive range of functional benefits; it’s no surprise that Linen is luxury clothing nowadays.


We at Little Capri Island Wear make sure you are served the best with no compromise on the design or quality. Each piece is handpicked and spent time on which makes it even more exquisite. Every hem-work is closely observed which makes every cloth a work of art. Give your inner environmentalist a little nudge this summer and Go Green!!


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